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Posted on July 28 2016

I am always on the hunt for new styling products that aren't sticky, crispy, and most importantly not damaging to my hair as I only use heat when it comes to styling. So when I came across Italian salon professional brand Fanola, I was curious and eager to give it a try.
Ultimately, there are only 3 products you need when setting/styling your pinup/vintage hair. Setting spray, smoothing pomade, and finishing lacquer.
I started off this morning with freshly washed and air dryed hair from last night.
(excuse the tired eyes lol)
I then sectioned my hair off using the sectioning clips, and starting with the top middle,took 1" sections, sprayed them with the new Fanola Thermal Setting Spray  and then rolled each section up facing forward using my 19mm hot curling tong, and then held in place with small pin curl clips.
I then followed these actions for both front sides, and then the back section, but all rolling down/under and pin curling in place to cool/set.
I then went on to do my makeup, giving the hot pin curls ample time to cool and set.
Once I removed all of the pin curls, I used my fingers to comb through and seperate all of the super soft & bouncy curls - NO CRISPY EDGES!
I then started to smooth out the back using my tail comb to help manouvre the curls to sit where I wanted them too. I teased some of the straggling loose pieces of hair to blend in with the rest of the curls. I used the new radial teasing brush.... and it is incredible - a neat and non messy tease - heaven!
I now went on to the top middle and lightly teased sections to get some volume for my front roll. I also used the radial brush to smooth the outer layer of hair as well, and also used a tiny amount of the Fanola Oro Therapy Water Based Pomade warmed through my fingers to help smooth any flyaways! The great thing about this water based pomade is that it isnt sticky, or heavy and you only need a tiny amount as it goes a long way. 
I lightly combed and smoothed the other side of my hair, and then smooth all of the curls around my head to mould into one shape and finished off with Fanola Oro Therapy Extra Strong Lacquer Spray to hold everything in place! (Again, no crispy, crunchy build up either!)
Overall, I am VERY  happy with how easy these new styling products were to use, brush out, style & finish. Also, the thermal setting spray gives your hair a beautiful shine, and all of the products have a delicious scent as well!


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