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Posted on May 25 2018

Pants, I gave up on them so long ago.  Whether it be work pants, dress pants or anything of the sort, I’d had enough. Dresses and skirts are all I’ll ever need, or so I thought! Along comes Bek with the amazingly designed Olivia pants and shows me a reason to love such a wardrobe staple again.
One of my closest friends Amelia is getting into more portraiture photography so we took advantage of the beautiful Autumn morning and shot the Olivia Pants at a local park. We also did a couple of other gorgeous Louella DeVille outfits, but I’ll talk about these amazing pants first.
Where to start! First of all, they are ACTUALLY high waisted, none of this mid-rise nonsense or “Fashion” High waisted. I have a waist that naturally is quite high and these still sit where I want them too. Then we move on to the fabric, a lovely stretch cotton Ponte that is extremely easy to move in and flattering. To top it all off, they have two real pockets at the front that are usable and nicely fit in with the design.
I should also mention the length, I’m not super tall at 5’7” but even I have come across pants that aren’t long enough. I’ve always felt sorry for anyone taller than me but not to worry with these pants, they were long enough with a little to spare so perfect to wear heels with.
I would recommend these pants in a heartbeat! Whether it be your new go to work pants, paired with a nice top for dinner or just for the days you don’t want to wear a dress, you’ll love them!
Amelia and I also shot a nautical look with the Carmen Broderie Ruffle Top and Navy Bettie Roped In skirt topped off with the Red Deco belt and Red True Love sunglasses. I loved this look! Nautical can so easily be overdone or cliché but this is a classic and fun take on it. I felt ready to spend the day by the sea with my love on a cute date. I will probably wear this look a lot from now on!
We finished off the shoot with a few shots in the Timeless Rose Border swing dress, this look I wanted to suit a picnic in the park, so I matched it with my vintage black wide brim hate and some simple T- strap heels.
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