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Posted on October 11 2019

Oh Rosie!


If you're looking for an adorable, comfortable, universally flattering romper then look no more!

The Plaid Rosie Romper and the Turquoise Tide Drill Rosie Romper are the most comfortable and best fitting rompers I have ever worn, they feature a long torso, wide fit shorts and an adjustable waist so they have plenty of room to move, run, jump and dance!


All Louella DeVille pieces feature deep and wide pockets and the Rosie Rompers are no exception, plenty of room for your phone, lipstick, keys and more (and by more i mean snacks of course!) The ease of being a one piece but the comfort of shorts and a blouse means you can wear them anywhere from the beach, to the bar or even just to run some errands, they are more than perfect for the summer time, but throw on some cute stockings and a cardigan, makes them perfect for cooler days too!


These rompers are great to dress up or dress down depending on the occasion just add accessories like some cute statement earrings a necklace and heels, I chose to pair mine with some fun earrings and a pair of basic black flats! Super cute! Not ony do the Rosie Rompers come in the STUNNING Teal and Plaid colourways but they also come in Black, Blue Denim (both long and short!) as well as a stunning custom red demin! There is literally a Rosie for everyone!


Snag yours today, I promise you won't regret it!

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