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Posted on October 22 2017

Recently I offered guest blogger Libby Greatnews the opportunity to review & blog some LDV products! Here's what she had to say! You can find Mrs Greatnews' blog here!
This is a Product Provided Post (PPP) – I have not been paid for this post, but some of the products featured were gifted to me. The content and opinions in this post are my own, except for excerpts taken from the Louella DeVille - Your One Stop Pinup Shop website and social channels. Stay tuned until the end to find out how you can get 20% off this dress! Y'know how sometimes you see a dress and you immediately go "YES, that dress is completely me"? I had that when browsing through my Instagram Stories a few weeks ago when looking through Louella DeVille's new summer lineup.
The dress in question - available here - stay tuned for an exclusive discount code![/caption] One of my favourite outfit combinations is a mostly monochrome/black outfit with a pop of colour, whether with a petticoat or accessories, and this dress slots nicely into that aesthetic. So when Bek from Louella DeVille - Your One Stop Pinup Shop got in touch to ask if I'd like to feature this dress on my blog, my answer was "YES ABSOLUTELY YES, OF COURSE".
About Louella DeVille - Your One Stop Pinup Shop:
From the Facebook page:
Australia's Leading Online PinUp Shop! Huge range of 50s Retro PinUp & Rockabilly clothing and accessories for guys, gals, kids & more. Homewares, jewellery, seamed stockings... there is something for everyone!
And having roamed the website many-a-times myself, I can confirm there's something for everyone. Louella DeVille stocks a huge range of everything you could ever need in your pinup wardrobe, from tops, pants, skirts and dresses to hair accessories and jewellery (including stuff that Bek makes herself!).
About the dress:
DSC_7040 web size
From the website:
PinUp Perfect Polly Summer Dress! Features tie shoulder straps, and flattering elastic bodice to accommodate a range of bust sizes, small or large! Fitted waist, and full gathered circle skirt. There's hidden pockets and a back zip. Fully lined. Made from 100% cotton. This dress has a large amount of stretch in the bust, so when choosing a size go with your waist size if between sizes.
The Polly is a staple of the Louella DeVille clothing range, currently available in more than 10 different prints. What I love about the Louella DeVille range is that have the pinup staples (florals, block colours, leopard print), but they don't shy away from cute and quirky fabrics (including spiderwebs, flamingos and lobsters!). On a rare not-rainy afternoon in Wellington I was able to put this gorgeous dress on and take it for a wander around the Botanic Gardens with Ruby Creative.
DSC_7105 web size.jpg
3 things you need to take away from this blog - 1) there is a type of rose called 'Hot Pants', 2) I am not a mature person, 3) this dress is awesome[/caption] I love the Polly for its very flattering fit. The elastic bodice is excellent - it's comfortable and accommodating of my bust. I probably need to tighten the straps a touch for the perfect fit, but the fact that I can even do so is a huge plus. AND IT HAS POCKETS! Decent sized pockets too; like, could fit your phone plus your EFTPOS/credit cards, so you could leave the handbag at home if you'd like. I'm a size 6 in this dress, when I'm normally a size 10/M in most brands, so be sure to double check your measurements before you buy. Bek advised you should be able to just go the one size down, but it never hurts to double check the measurements before buying!
The accessories:
DSC_7156 web size
DSC_7167 web size
Paired with the 'Jane Fakelite Resin Bangles' in magenta and black[/caption] Bek was also kind enough to provide some accessories for this dress. Many of the Louella DeVille necklaces are handmade using both vintage and new beads, making each piece truly unique. They also stock a range of both plain and textured bangles, so if you're a bangle fanatic, Louella DeVille have you covered.
Full outfit details:
DSC_7083 web size 2
Shout out to the Wellington wind for making me look like I'm in a movie
Dress - Zebra Rose Polly Dress from Louella DeVille - Your One Stop Pinup Shop (retails for $135.00AUD/approx. $151.79NZD, but don't forget, there's a discount code coming...) Bangles - Jane Fakelite Resin Bangles in black and magenta from Louella DeVille - Your One Stop Pinup Shop (retails for $12.00AUD/approx. $13.48NZD) Necklace - Louella DeVille Handmade Mint necklace from Louella DeVille - Your One Stop Pinup Shop (retails for $22AUD/approx. $24.72NZD) Shoes - Shoes of Prey Petticoat - Banned Apparel 26" in hot pink Lipstick - Masochist by Jeffree Star 
One last thing...
If you love getting extra bang for your buck, you'll love Louella DeVille - Your One Stop Pinup Shop. They run specials and deals on the website every week! Here's an extra special exclusive coupon code just for you - if you want 20% off the Zebra Rose Polly dress, just enter '20GREATNEWS' at the checkout! This brings the dress to $108.00AUD/approx. $121.35NZD! A massive thanks to Louella DeVille for providing the fabulous dress, accessories and an exclusive discount, and to Ruby Creative for the stunning photos. Links below to find them online and on social media, be sure to check them out: Louella DeVille - Your One Stop Pinup Shop Website Facebook Instagram Ruby Creative Website Facebook Instagram So what do you think? Which Louella DeVille dress is your favourite? Lots of love, Mrs Greatnews xx


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