Guest Blog - Rachel - HopefulRaeOfSunshine Reviews The Sunflowers Polly Dress

Posted on March 27 2018

I'm a colourful person I always have been... bright and cheerful I even have a habit of calling people sunshine so a dress with sunflowers on it was a perfect match with me.
It is impossible to not feel happy wearing this dress even when it's 38 degrees in Sydney and your Veronica Lake inspired waves dropped the minute the humidity hit them.
What do I love about this dress besides the amazing print? 
The fit. The waist is well fitted it draws your body line in so that it leaves you feeling supported and narrow. Its a dress that gives you a waist that I normally need shapewear to create however I am not wearing any in any of these photos.
The elasticised bust and adjustable shoulder straps are definitely a bonus for those who like me are mammary blessed and the pockets did I mention POCKETS!!!
The only negative if you can even call it that is the delicate straps which prevent the dress being worn with a regular bra. I have a great strapless bra which also  comes with invisible clear straps but it's coming into Winter and I think this dress would also look great with a cute cardigan curing the thin strap issue.
Whilst I was provided with this dress for the purpose of this review all opinions expressed are my own. I really do love it.
Necklace and Bangles were also provided. As a plus size girl I have never worn bangles before and whilst I can't stack 3 or 4 due to the size of my arms I was able to comfortably wear 2. I loved how the green brought out the green in the dress.
My hair peony is from Louella DeVille Boutique but was not provided for this post. I purchased it over 12 months ago and have worn it at least once a week since.
Photographs by Rebecca Coyte from Moments By Beck


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