It's WINTER. It's COLD. I don't wanna PINUP!

Posted on July 07 2016


I know it's cold! I know it's windy! I know! I know! I KNOW! I work out of a huge factory so it does get pretty darn cold here... thankfully I do have heating in my office but the showroom is like an icebox! It doesn't stop me from dressing pinup! No sirree.


From coats to cardis, and tights to thigh highs, there is something for every woman here to help  keep the winter blues away. Layering is the key, and who says you can't be warm AND cute? Check out some of these products, available online now.


Stockings & thigh highs can keep you incredibly warm - but we all know how annoying they are when they constantly creep down and you have to do the harlem shake to get them back up again! My mother always told me to wear a 2nd pair of underwear over the top and surprisingly it works (plus, hey, EXTRA WARMTH!) That's where thigh highs come into play for those that detest full hosiery... thigh highs are fantastic, and with the range of suspender belts and girdles available online now, you can also add a little bit of something extra to your outfit ;)


Long sleeve tops are perfect for layering! Check out these 2 new prints that arrived today from Bonsai Kitten. These are designed by me (Bek, the owner) and made exclusively for Louella DeVille. How neat is that? Pop on a simple cardigan over the top + a coat for when you're outside. Easy, am I right?

If you're more of a jeans girl during the cooler weather, that's cool! (ha! See what I did there?) If you love pinup, you'd know that HIGH WAISTED is the only way to go and that does not stop at skirts! These beautiful high waisted jeans from Collectif are extremely flattering for any silhouette and go perfectly with this cropped stripe hoody from Banned Apparel.

Another great way to layer + keep toasty warm is to add a PETTICOAT! The stores own branded petticoats have been designed by me personally to ensure they are super soft, super fluffy and absolutely pinup perfect. 

Warm coats at low prices are definately something hard to come by! So don't miss out on the Vintage Style coats in stock now in 3 fabulous colours. These are a wool mix, and only $75 each - you will not get something this pinup perfect at this great price anywhere else! Plus the faux fur collar is totally removable!

Lastly, I need you to check out the Peggy Sue Cropped PinUp Cardigans! Available in a huge range of colours and sizes, these are the ultimate in pinup layering! Pop them over a fitted tee or long sleeved top! <3


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