LDV Denim For All & Why It's Important To Read This Blog!

Posted on August 17 2017

Ok, if you're a red blooded woman you will know that buying pants of ANY kind basically results in some kind of physical, mental or emotional melt down... (heck sometimes all 3) and usually in the change room at the clothing store.

After seeing many other brands launch denim these past years, and they appeared to only fit 1 generic type of ideal body shaped woman... I knew it was time to fix this horrible problem with fashion.

Being a your typical non average body shape, mummy tummy, long torso yada yada yada... I spoke out online and turns out, my body shape is pretty typical after all! 90% of women complained high rises weren't high enough, leg lengths were too short, the styles of shorts and pants weren't flattering at all, and what fit a size 6 definately didn't fit or flatter a size 22.

So this is where LDV Annie and Patsy come into play. My absolute #1 must have for my denim range was that they would fit and flatter all sizes in my range. I don't discriminate in any of my pieces, and I certainly wasn't going to start now. All denim pieces are available in sizes 6-22. I may extend to 24 and 26 - so if you want me to make them make sure you let me know! If there is no demand, I cannot produce pretties!

I'm so lucky to have friends of all ages, shapes and sizes, and it was a no brainer to get them all in and shoot them all together to really showcase the styling and fit of these magical shorts and jeans.

Model feedback below photos!
"Ruby It's no secret that I absolutely adore these pants!! I have struggled all my life to find a pair of jeans that fit both my waist and bootay. And then if by some miracle they do then they end up being 7/8 because I'm tall and thin 🙄 Bek thought of this (yes!) and they are quite long in length so you can cuff them to your desired length woot woot! Big pockets are always a bonus (double yes!) and they are so soft, not that awful crunchy denim you can get. 

The shorts feel like they fit a little bigger so if you are in between sizes around the hips you can probably get the smaller one and be ok ☺️

Also when I did the fit of the jeans I was doing some bending and stretching and they don't ride up or down, so if you're a mum these are 👌🏻 no plumbers crack when I deal with the toddler"

"Bec - I am not usually a shorts or pants girl, tend to stick mainly with skirts & dresses, but these are really comfortable and flattering. 
The vintage look is super cute, and they just fit really nicely. The shorts are the first pair of shorts I have actually wanted to own in basically forever."

"Rhiannan - I am no stranger to shorts or jeans, I wear them daily but in saying that I am extremely picky as I need comfort and movement. 
The shorts fit like a dream the rise in the crotch is high enough to sit perfectly on my waist and the stretch let's them hug my hips and still be extremely comfortable. 
The denim in both is not at all ridged and the classic contrast stitching make both these styles an instant classic for me.
I also love the leg width I wear ankle hugging skinny jeans 9 times out of ten but love how fitted these are on my thighs with just enough width below the knee not to make me feel stumpy."

"Bindy - I am very happy with the fit of these jeans. I felt classy, confident, comfortable and totally cute. As for the shorts I have never been a shorts girl but I think these have changed my opinion. They are adorable. Thanks Bek for designing these."


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