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Posted on January 08 2017

In 2016 I launched my own line of pinup & rockabilly clothing!

With many more designs and prints to come in 2017 I have been overwhelmed at the praise and support I have felt so far for the launch of my own brand!

Louella DeVille Clothing was initially launched in 2009. I was heavily pregnant and then a stay at home mum and used to sew my own dresses, skirts, bustiers & petticoats. However as a growing new born turned into a walking houdini... my free time was taken away from me and what once would take 1 hour to make a dress would turn into a whole day!

It was then I launched and opened my first retail store, Your One Stop PinUp Shop. I started stocking clothing brands from around the world. LDV Clothing was brought back briefly, as I employed local seamstresses to produce my garments, however after many issues and the rising cost to produce, it then ceased again in 2012.

After years of hearing the same complaints from customers of all ages, shapes and sizes, and also myself feeling the constant disappointment of ill fitting cheaply made clothing, of generic prints, and terrible quality fabrics, I took the chance, on a whim to get some samples made overseas in a production factory.

30 days later I received my first samples, and  I was gobsmacked. They were better than I could of ever hoped! What I considered to be a "joke" and "waste of time" ended up being the best business decision I made in 2016! The fabric quality, and the fit was like nothing I had ever experienced before. Using myself as the fit model, rather than a usual generic fit model with no curves or shape, I honestly believe this is the biggest and best selling point of my clothing line.

Ranging in sizes from 8-22, my garments are designed with the mind set of "filling the void".

Each garment range is produced in various prints and colours. Some are limited edition, and some will be readily available throughout 2017.

Bringing you patterns, and styles that are sought after but often never produced.
With a love of all things novelty, and also classic 50s, stay tuned for more unique and bespoke designs and prints coming soon,  including custom printed fabric from my own sourced artwork!
<3 Bek xx


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