Why My Petticoats Are the BEST!

Posted on October 11 2016

For as far back as I can remember, petticoats have always been a subject that is on the tips of pinups tongues.
The most common statements I hear are:


There are many, many petticoats on the market today and I like to think I am a bit of a connoisseur when it comes to them!

I spent the most part of a year personally liaising with a sewing factory in China, getting samples made, lots of late night Skype calls and 100s and 100s of emails and photos back and forth until I finally came to what I consider to be the most glorious piece of clothing that you will EVER lay upon your precious body.

Over the past 10 years, I have owned, worn, and stocked various types of petticoats. I'd like to share with you some of my personal opinions on those...

My model today is Miss Portia, she is approx 165cm tall, and an average Australian size 14-16.

First up, I have this black little number... it cost me about $16 from an online auction site. I received it about 2-3 weeks ago, and it still didn't flatten or straighten out despite being out of the package and hanging all this time! This is labelled an XXL..... it could barely go over Portia's hips.


The black fabric, is somewhat of a crystal organza... it's hard, it's rough, it's stiff, it's pokey, it's just ridiculous. It also has a lovely little "slip" underneath. Note, sarcasm. Approx 55cm in length. Keep this one away from a naked flame ladies...

Next up, is a little better. It's soft, at least! This one measures 50cm, and is far too short to realisitically wear it with ANY pinup skirt or dress. You couldn't even pull it down onto your hips to make it longer, as the "slip" in this one is SMALLER THAN THE WAIST BAND. What the heck?


While it's super cute in the 2 tone white and pink... the bunching at the waistline caused by the too small slip, and also the poorly proportioned design, makes it chunky and unwearable for more than a moment. It also has a little dangley bit on the front and the back, what?

I'd say this would be suitable for a child or teenager - or a very short person with no waist to hip definition.

Third in the series today actually isn't that bad. It's a sample I had made about 5 years ago, based loosely on a photo I sent. All things considered, it isn't TOO bad... but its more of a tube shape than a bell, and doesn't really give the oomph a good petticoat should.


You can also see it doesn't sit well on the hips... creating an unnecessary bump on the top. This is an organza contruction, with satin bands.

Now let's talk incredible petticoats. I have a pretty good range of colours and sizes in stock constantly at Louella DeVille Boutique.

After a lot of research, I was able to source single layer petticoats, which have the same great qualities as my own branded design - just with half the oomph! These fit up to a 40" waist, and are a full circle design, so float along with any skirt or dress with ease. They also measure 65cm in length so are the perfect length to just skim the bottom of your hems!

They feature a cute bow on the front (functionless) and a soft and luxurious satin waist band that doesn't roll or bunch. Currently available in 20 great colours and only $59!

Shop Single Layer Petticoats >>>

Unfortunately due to a few reasons, I've been unable to source fabric for my own brand of petticoats in various colours and after much heartache, have decided to only stock my Double Layer Petticoats in Black, Red, and White.


They fit waists from 28" right up to 46", and possibly more. They are a 2 layer petticoat, with an additional 2 layers at the bottom. They are by far, the softest, ruffliest, most comfortably piece of clothing you will EVER put on your body. They are absolutely nothing short of luxurious.

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Despite my amazing Doubles only being available in those 3 primary colours, I have been reasearching and have come across these new petticoats from Banned, that feature different sizes, adjustable waist bands, and many many colours to choose from! They are the same great luxurious fabric, and at only 23" long, they tend to suit more of the shorter dresses and skirts that seem to be appearing from the big brands.


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